Director: Joël Vanhoebrouck

DP: Jan Vancaillie

Production: Eyeworks

Online / Finishing: ACE Image Factory

Graded using Quantel RIO

Aspect: 1,78:1

Shot on Arri Alexa

The Bunker follows the team of the Antwerp cell of the Belgian National Security service. This unit operates from the bunker, a secret underground headquarters. As field service officers, the secret agents collect information 'in the field', to prevent major threats or disasters before it's too late. This threat can come from all sides: the extreme left, extreme right, terrorism, economic espionage, cyber crime, cults, etc. A huge amount of responsibility rests on the team, and the agents - because of internal secrecy policies - often have to rely on one another. Their bond is strong, but the pressure is even stronger.


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