Director: Joël Vanhoebrouck

DP: Danny Elsen

Production: Eyeworks

Online / Finishing: ACE Image Factory

Graded using Quantel RIO

Aspect: 1,78:1

Shot on Arri Alexa

Danny Desmedt is about to close a deal. But boy, is he at the wrong time at the wrong place. His new "client", Freddy 'Transbern' Bernaerts turns out to be a drug trafficker, under secret surveillance by the police. And Danny - is a convicted con artist. He is about to end up behind bars again. Unless - he agrees to work as an infiltrator for the police, penetrating deeply into Freddy's criminal organisation. But Danny doesn't know that this time he is being conned himself, by the very ambitious commissioner Potvin. Potvin's proposal is illegal and he is planning to arrest Danny for drug trafficking along with the others.


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