Director: Wolfgang Groos

DP: Markus Kanter

Production: Blue Eyes

Online / Finishing: ACE Image Factory

Graded using Quantel RIO

Aspect: 2.39:1

Shot on Arri Alexa

It's Christmas in Lilly's hometown and the preparations for the festive days are in full swing. Everyone in the small town is looking forward to enjoying the peaceful celebrations in the company of their families. Or they would be if Lilly, in her high spirits, had not summoned Rupert, Saint Nicolaus' fabled companion, right out of the Middle Ages. Seeking his friend Saint Nicolaus in our times, Rupert not only feels very uncomfortable in the modern environment, he is enraged by what he considers to be all the unnecessary Christmas bells and whistles. So he decides to teach Lilly and her friends a lesson in good manners and show them the real traditions of the festive season...


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